Prayer to the Gods. (Ares)

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The best thing about living at the monastery was there were a million small temples nearby, all within a short walk so Thana could go pray to each of her gods. She didn't justify to one religion, as the temple was a mix of all religions, but she did love her Greek gods the best. She held on to them, and some Celtic traditions and found it gave her a simple way of life. One she liked. Tonight she went to one of the temples, dedicated to Ares. The god of war, amongst other things. She had heard that he was brutal, and cruel but didn't think he was. She saw him as strategic, and cunning, someone who knew how fights went, and someone who knew how to win wars. While at the same time brutal and bloodthirsty, like she could be. She didn't often turn brutal but if she had no choice but to fight she would, several boys at the Monastery now had lasting scars to remind them not to anger her. She had hurt them and she had killed before. Something she didn't hide, but didn't relish in. She did what had to be done. If that meant people died so be it, her soul was already gone as far as she was concerned. Walking in,   Thana carried with her one of her knives, this one she kept separate from the others and for good reason.

Adorned in a simple dress and her hair down she went to the alter, lighting a red candle, then took the knife and made a small cut in her hand, letting three drops of blood fall onto the candle before placing it down on the alter and took a few steps back to kneel so she could pray. Normally she was in fighting clothing, but for her prayers and dedications she always wore a simple dress, as a way of respect. Especially in Ares' Temple. She began,  Saying  a simple, yet effective prayer to get her hearts intentions out.  

  Steadfast Ares,
  Keen bladed God, beloved of Aphrodite,
Giver of might, drawn from desperation,
Of skill born of muscle and bone
Of devotion to ones brothers,
Of proven worth, I honour you,

Ares, Fierce  Champion, Unyielding Foe,
You who survives, I pray to you.

Grant me strength,
In battle joined,
In faith or fear,
In the single strike, the killing blow
I pray to you,

In strength of will,
Grant me unbroken spirit,
Son of Zeus,
Guide my hand at need,
My heart at love,
My blade at impact.

For those that stride in Vain,
Those who do not have faith,
And for those that I have damned to death,
Through my own hand,
Give me strength.

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PostSubject: Re: Prayer to the Gods. (Ares)   Prayer to the Gods. (Ares) EmptyWed Aug 19, 2015 4:50 pm

The war god had been watching the earth again. He was always on the look out for someone who could serve him. To be one of his warriors, and not just a pawn. It was rather rare for a mortal to catch his interest these days. At least in that capacity. Whenever someone said a prayer to them, or offer a sacrifice, the gods knew so when this little mortal had offered blood to him, Ares couldn't help but listen to her dedication to him. Cocking his head he got a mischievous smile on his lips when he heard her ask for strength to basically become a warrior.

Donning himself in a cloak, he pulled the hood over his head and went to go see this mortal face to face. Appearing out of nothingness outside the room, Ares made sure his hood shadowed his face as he entered and made all the usual motions humans did when praying to him. Save the sacrifice part. "You pray to a foreign god?" he queried.


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PostSubject: Re: Prayer to the Gods. (Ares)   Prayer to the Gods. (Ares) EmptyWed Aug 19, 2015 5:13 pm

Thana had remained on her knees after she finished her prayer , and had heard someone come in . It wasn't uncommon for people outside of the monastery to come here , so she thought little of the man who spoke other then someone else to pray . She didn't move her eyes however and remained looking at the Alter . " The monastery does not dictate who we pray to . Everyone has their own gods. Mine are the Greek ." She answered , once again moving quietly and quickly to the alter " And as everyone has their own gods they have their own traditions. Ares is the one I bleed to,  Artemis the heart of each kill." She said, slicing her other hand to finish her prayer. Not flinching as the flames licked at her dripping hand, until her payment was made and the sacrifice cup was full.  She studied at a Buddhist monastery but Buddhism encompassed all types of religions, and everyone could pray in their own way. This was hers. At each hunt Thana would cut out the heart of every animal and would place it still fresh and bleeding on Artemis' alter, her atonement for killing the animal and her sacrifice to the female God of war, the most sacred part of the animal the organ that had given it life .

Life was simple here , anyone could pray to any of the Gods, she knew her mentor slash partner Tobias followed the Greek gods as well, but she had followed them before she had fled her father and been found by temple men and adopted into the monastery with her brother  Her prayers were one of thetimes she spoke in Greek , or Latin , otherwise it would be Mandarin . It had been years since she spoke in the white tongue, But that mattered not now. Had she known who she was speaking to she would of offered him the blood cup then and there , whilst keeping her face down. She had no desire to see the gods, merely to pray and serve them.
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Prayer to the Gods. (Ares)

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