Demigod Profile Template

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PostSubject: Demigod Profile Template   Demigod Profile Template EmptyTue Jun 02, 2015 2:34 pm

Please copy and paste this in a new topic

Alias: (nickname)
Birth date: (Day and Month)
Home: (your current one which you go to during the school year)

Play by: (name of actor)
Hair: (color, style etc)
Build: (just for example if you want your person skinny but your face claim isn't or chubby etc)
Distinguishing Marks: (Scars, gap tooth, tattoo, piercings, etc)
Dress Style: (Preference of dress like jeans, slacks, etc)

Guardian: (if different from parents)
godly parent: (please leave blank if you wished to be claimed later)

Fatal Flaw: (Every demigod has one)
Ambrosia: (favorite food or drink which is what the Ambrosia will taste like to you)
Hobbies: (everyone has one from annoying siblings, to collecting baseball cards, etc)
Traits: (What you might have inherited from your godly parent. This info will be used to help determine what deity will claim you if you've left it blank.)
Personality: (what is your person like? What makes them them? Are they funny or sarcastic, do they get angry quick, etc.)

General History: (What your character has done up to this point)

Your Journey: (Please write out how you found out you were a Demigod and your journey. You can summarize it.)  

[size=14][b][i]-BEING CLAIMED-[/i][/b][/size]
Please fill in how you were claimed by your godly parent if you have chosen to be a claimed demigod
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Demigod Profile Template

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