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1992 -

Tobias was born along with his twin Alexei. Being children of Zeus, they would draw in monsters at an earlier age than the other demigods of the Olympians; doubly so with two children in proximity to each other. For their safety, they were split up and given to two different families and were raised completely opposite of the other. Both however shared a destiny that they lost their adoptive parents while young to be raised by others. Zeus was forced to claim Tobias by Hera when Tobias was a toddler when it was noticeable that he was different then the other demigods. He unlike the others was more like the seers but instead of seeing the future, he could hear the gods talking in his head and feel their presence more than other demigods and skilled mortals could. Fearing that some would try and twist the boy's gift, was what spurned Hera into dangerous territory and forcing her husband to claim Tobias by threatening to claim him herself and upsetting the Olympain hierarchy.

When Tobias was a toddler he was introduced to the 'voices in his head'. Among them was his half-brother Ares who didn't treat him like everyone else did; as if he was a freak, special, or fragile like he would break. It was the god of war who seemed to spend the most time with him despite his vehemence hatred of all mortal children of Zeus. They bonded in their own way to where Ares would 'kidnap' Tobias from the Buddhist temple and his monk guardians for a day or so. As a treat he gave the boy dark chocolate and only once got Tobias on a sugar high and let him loose on the monks. It was something that amused Ares and corrupted the 'pureness' of his monk training.

In 1996 Thanos Permethius as he would come to be known was born. Ares after relocating the demi deity on earth, met a Cerberus pup in the Underworld. Partly on a whim, partly to amuse himself, and because the puppy was a rarity, Ares took it with him. Bonding with the puppy and 'claiming' it as his, Ares would often again, 'borrow' the puppy from his uncle's realm and bring it to his own temple in Greece. Once the puppy was big enough and Tobias was big enough, Ares introduced them.

more will be forthcoming


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Backstory History (WIP)

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