A greek mythology roleplaying game by post. There are many dieties/demigods/monster stories. Here you can play them out or create your own version of history.
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 Master Jinn *To be approved*

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PostSubject: Master Jinn *To be approved*   Tue Aug 18, 2015 7:04 am

Name:  Master Jinn
Alias: (nickname) Elyium
Age: Unknown, around mid fifties
Birth dateThird Day of the Spring Moon.  (September 14)
Birthplace: Beijing
Home: (your current one) Tibetan  Monastery.

Play by: (name of actor) Liam Neeson
Hair: (color, s tyle etc) Long, Grey, fairly straight,
Eyes: Old, grey and wise.
Build: Standard build, but long hair.
Distinguishing Marks: A white scar like mark in the shape of a star (*) On his left forearm
Dress Style: Tibetan Clothing , usually simple robes.

Mother:  Suzanne Zxao
Father: Micheal Jones
Siblings: None
godly parent: (please leave blank)

Fatal Flaw: Caring too much, and is willing to do anything to protect those he loves even if it meant his own death.
Hobbies: Training his students, finding inner peace and giving advice to those in need of it.
Traits: Calmness and tranquillity, Jinn rarely ever angers and is very strategic and patient and almost completely one with nature. He finds beauty in everything.
Personality: Soft spoken, but quick witted Jinn often has advice that at the time of deliverance may seem like more harm than good but upon later reflection often has many wisdom to it. He can however get back at his own when it comes to pranking, or such trivial things just not often.
History:  Jinn was raised originally in Beijing before at the young age of 16 he went to the Forgotten Monastery, where he joined pure of heart and dedicated his life to helping others. He knew, and assumed he was something more but never had an intention of knowing more. He simply wanted inner peace, and to train in the sacred ways. Which he did, choosing never to marry he resided at the Monastery  and in his early fifties took on a female student, who had been a runaway with her brother at the time. He knew white mans tongue so managed to converse with her, and she became his apprenticed and he her Elyium.

Taking on this young woman at first was quite a handful, first he had to get her to talk, then get her used to the new way of life and to make her feel safe. The mysterious white haired girl never spoke of where she came from at first, and it wasn’t until much later she even let in signs of what had happened. A few years after she came out of her shell the original Monastery was burned down and they had to be dispersed to the surrounding ones, only returning once the temple was rebuilt and completed. By then he had released his apprentice from his private training, and she was to continue to train under the guidance of the Shadow Elyium until such time she had found inner peace and tranquillity to be granted her own Elyium status as she could not be granted it at the time of passing of her tests.  He ventured then on from Monastery to Monastery, Jinn giving his advice when and where needed to those who needed it. Returning regularly to his main Monastery to see his beloved released student and to offer help and healing.
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Master Jinn *To be approved*
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