A greek mythology roleplaying game by post. There are many dieties/demigods/monster stories. Here you can play them out or create your own version of history.
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 Thana Semele.

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PostSubject: Thana Semele.    Wed Jul 08, 2015 5:08 am

Name: Thana Semele
Age: 15
Birth date:  The first full moon of autumn.
Birthplace: Unknown
Home: Tibetian Monastery

Play by: Nina Dobrev
Hair: Chocolate Brown, long but usually kept in a ponytail.
Eyes: Grey.
Build: Athletic.
Distinguishing Marks: Multitudes of scars, several markings and tattoos.
Dress Style: Monastery clothing, tailored to suit her. She is usually covered top to toe.

Mother: Unknown.
Father: Don’t ask.
Spouse/Lover: No.
Child(ren): Little Brother Thomas
godly parent: nope


Personality:  Thana is very reserved, and often speaks quietly if at all. She seems to sit in the background most of the time and is rarely one who blatantly comes out and pushes things. However she openly speaks with her brother in private, her eyes look distant a lot of the time. Which she often seems to be, though when asked she always has the right answer to the question.
She listens a lot, and speaks little. Her emotions are also very well hidden, she doesn’t have a happy or angry face. Her facial expressions usually only changes when she is around her brother. Listening to him, she does and will do anything for her little brother and her Elyium. On occasion she can be reckless, doing things that might be put down or looked down upon including idiotic dares that she has become minimally known for.
Thana doesn’t share much about her history at all. If you want to know personal details you are going to have to push her to find out. Then she will most likely kill you. She refuses to speak of her past before joining the temple at age 11 Her little brother at age 4, they joined at the same time after she fled. That is all she will disclose on it.
(For further information PM me or Kris.)

However upon joining the temple Thana found herself to progress through the ranks quickly, once she was able to move fully and function. She suffered severe malnutrition and in her first few months turned to the more theoretical side of the temple. Becoming a scholarly one and using the readings and teachings from the scrolls to find a new purpose. To train and protect her brother at all costs.
As the years went on she progressed through the ranks, and built herself up but the lost look never left her eyes. She can quite regularly seem distant, from the now. However she is quite educated, just not in the ways of the white man. She doesn’t understand their ways or customs, and has the Tibetian beleifs as well as a few of her own.

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Thana Semele.
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