A greek mythology roleplaying game by post. There are many dieties/demigods/monster stories. Here you can play them out or create your own version of history.
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 Ashley Nickels

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PostSubject: Ashley Nickels   Mon Jun 29, 2015 7:00 pm

Name: Ashley Leigh Anne Nickels
Age: 19
Birth date: March 28th
Birthplace: Seattle, Washington
Home: Camp Halfblood

Play by: Emilie de Ravin
Hair: Blond usually wore long in waves or ringlets. Occasionally will wear it other ways and has been known to dye it brown for a change up.
Eyes: Blue-green
Build: Petite. She's only a whopping 5'2 and 105 lbs sopping wet
Distinguishing Marks: Pierced ears
Dress Style: Likes comfortable clothes that make her look good. She likes to match and put on whatever she feels like wearing from skirts, to dresses, to jeans.

Mother: Lydia Wilson - Nickels (step-mother)
Father: Anthony Thomas Nickels
Guardian: Father
godly parent:

Fatal Flaw: Confidence or lack thereof
Hobbies: Swimming, sewing, gardening
Traits: Good with plants, good at reading body language and emotions.
Personality: Dense and oblivious if someone likes her. She's shy and not one to try and make waves. She can be a bit of a tom boy in her interests like climbing trees. Can pretend to be an extrovert, and easily hurt emotionally even if she tries to play it off. Doesn't like people who mess with other people's feelings and that along with bullying is a sure fire way to get her angry and planning on payback. Takes a little after her dad on the artsy side but has begun to realize that she sort of likes making clothes and isn't that shabby at making jewelry people like.

History: Her life was pretty regular growing up even if it was just with her dad. She didn't know she was different at all thinking the picture of an old actress her dad liked was her mother. The actress was before Ashley's time so she didn't know that it was not possible for her to be Ashley's mom. Rather then tell her that her mother left her, Anthony told her that she died instead. When she was in the second second grade Lydia Wilson came into their lives. While trying to please the woman she still refused to call her mom. Lydia wanted Ashley to become a doctor something Ashley wasn't ever going to be. She didn't like the sight of blood and bodily fluids made her gag and want to throw up. She learned that when her dad had gotten her first a puppy, then a cat but any time she had to pick up their poo, she would immediately start gagging and running for the bushes or toilet.

Didn't like the fact that Lydia wanted her to call her mom and if she couldn't then to call her Auntie Lydia. Ashley refused on the grounds that she wasn't her aunt and there wasn't anyway she would call some strange lady 'mom'. Ashley was constantly coming up short to Lydia's expectations. Ashley was afraid to tell her father since he was always gone at work. He'd been a model that couldn't break into acting but he had discovered a new passion for avant garde art. It was a delicate time since he was having a show and didn't need the pressure. And she didn't think he would believe her over his wife. So she learned to steer clear of Lydia and was always walking on eggshells. As a result she is usually very keen on people's emotions and body language.

When told that she was a demigod by a satyr in school - she'd never really been attacked by a monster that she knew of -, she'd asked him why he had hons and he'd told her he was a satyr and then about demigods. He took her to Camp half blood when she was twelve and she'd been there ever since. She wrote to her father constantly and they avoid the talk of her step-mother who is certifiable insane in Ashley's opinion. A bit tired of the camp life and depressed that Luke left - he'd always been nice to everyone -, Ashley wants to leave camp but doesn't know how to bring it up or even ask it of Chiron or Mr. D.
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Ashley Nickels
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