A greek mythology roleplaying game by post. There are many dieties/demigods/monster stories. Here you can play them out or create your own version of history.
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 Ikuto Kishimoto - Monster

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Ikuto Kishimoto

Ikuto Kishimoto

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PostSubject: Ikuto Kishimoto - Monster   Sun Jun 28, 2015 3:14 pm

Name: Ikuto Kishimoto
Species: Demigod -- Earth Phoenix + Naga (diety)
Age: 146

Description: Human form -- Feather like black hair; green slitted eyes; lithe swimmer's build; pale skin; scales on wrists, collar bone, spine, ankles; claw like nails; razor sharp teeth; wings (generally hidden)
Monster form -- All phoenix with black and green feathers; All snake with black and green scales (large 10' king cobra); Wyvern-like (8' snake with feathered wings -- colored green and black)

Mother: Earth Phoenix (deceased)
Father: Naga Diety (deceased)

Naga abilities: human form, snake form, immortality, breathe underwater, "god of snakes", venomous

Phoenix abilities: phoenix form, human form, immortality, earth elemental, basilisk gaze, venomous, flight (with wings), rebirth, phoenix flash, phoenix tears


Weaknesses: Bright lights, loud sounds, strong smells, rebirth, shedding

Personality: Ikuto is a loner. He doesn't care for superfluous people. He prefers the truth, omission, and half-truths (he will never lie). He could sit around and read all day if allowed, and he has. Ikuto doesn't care about going after half-bloods "for power" or anything. He would prefer to continue learning, besides he has all the power he needs to protect himself. Plus he knows some self-defense for when he has to play "human".

History: Ikuto's mother and father were in human form, planning to seduce a human. However, they met each other and thought the other was human. It wasn't until later, after his mother had been impregnated that the two realized the other wasn't human. They went through with the birth for reasons he was never told.

His mother encouraged him to be a scholar and to learn. His father taught him the ways to keep himself safe as a snake and some limited human form self-defense.

When Ikuto reached his teenage years, he killed someone accidentally with his basilisk gaze. This was the first notice that he wasn't just any naga. His parents figured out that his mother, the phoenix, actually had recessive genes of a basilisk in her blood from seven or eight generations ago that activated in Ikuto. This helped his father finally understand why Ikuto's venom was so potent compared to his own. They had to relocate after the incident and Ikuto was "home-schooled" as they figured out how his eyes worked, while trying not to kill his parents or turn them to stone. It took six years.

Then not long after he had reached adulthood, his parents were killed by monsters and Hades claimed their souls to the underworld unable to be retrieved or bargained for.  After their deaths, Ikuto mainly traveled around the world learning and sticking to himself and his books. He would regularly use his snake form to sneak into places he couldn't normally access in human form or for after-hours reading. This is how he learned the relative location of camp Half-blood, having learned about half-bloods from his parents. The one thing he wanted to learn about was the wards on the camp and about the deities from their progeny. So he set out to find it.

While searching, he was approached in a dream by one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen. Her name was APHRODITE. In the dream, she gave him a bargain: the location and even entrance into camp half-blood if he would teach and protect the students and if he would keep an ear out for her missing child. With her word that he would also gain access to all books that aren't private property, he accepted. So she BLESSED him and told him to go to the camp and introduce himself to the one known as Mr. D.

So he headed straight for camp half-blood.

((With the APPROVAL of Ares and Aphrodite/Thanos Permethius))
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Ikuto Kishimoto - Monster
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