A greek mythology roleplaying game by post. There are many dieties/demigods/monster stories. Here you can play them out or create your own version of history.
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 Tobias Theo Ray-James

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Tobias Ray-James

Tobias Ray-James

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PostSubject: Tobias Theo Ray-James   Sat Jun 27, 2015 2:29 pm

Name:雷 - 詹姆斯 托比亚斯 西奥
Tibetian name is: Léi - Zhānmǔsī (ray-james), Tuō bǐ yǎ sī (tobias) Xī ào (theo)
name changed to english be: Tobias Theo Ray-James
born as Tobias Theo
Alias: Shadow, Shade, Shadow Elyium, Shadow Assassian, Shadow monk
Age: 19
Birth date: 20 July
Birthplace: San Francisco, Northern California, America
Home: Tibet, Thrace

Pic One
Pic Two
Play by: Theo James
Hair: see images
Eyes: blue
Build: strong and fast
Distinguishing Marks: some of them ~ IMAGE
runes, and many tattoos upon his back so its doubtful you'll ever see them.
Dress Style:  Ninja, Sexy, Traditional Tibetian, Traditional or slightly modernized Chinese or Asian, Monk Monestary, Bare feet unless working

see history for more information

Mother: unknown
Father: unknown
Siblings: Alexei Jeager (his older fraternal twin brother)
Guardian: 雷 樱花
Léi Yīnghuā
Ray Cherry Blossom (translation)
Age: 50
Living or Dead: Dead
godly parent: Zeus

Fatal Flaw: communication with others, pending
Ambrosia: dark chocolate
Hobbies: see in personality,
Traits: see below. He also has the gods and goddesses voices in his head twenty-four seven so tends to get headaches or meditate a lot to keep it silent, Ninjitsu, speed, strenght, many trained things, speaking to people without seeming to move but they hear his voice like wind against their ear PENDING OTHERS
Personality:broken down below.


Tobias is actually the younger fraternal twin brother of Alexei Jeager. They were separated at birth and the woman who raised him believed this story to be the truth. It is what he knows and his history as he knows it. For the protection of both twins their chosen guardians or adopted families went separate ways. For twins tend to attract monsters faster...as do demi-gods located in the same areas.
The story he knows...and how he grew up...
Tobias's mother had the first name of Yinghua. Which meant cherry blossom. This was due to the fact a shrine maiden had given birth to her beneath the cherry blossom with the help of nearby monks. Yinghua's mother, however, died during childbirth. The monks raised her as well as the temple maidens of the temple. She was trained in various skills and arts. Was a beautiful and well sought after beauty whose singing was like listening to angels. She was also the daughter of a female only ninja assassin clan. Her grandmother found her and passed down her clans methods.

One day a man met and seduced Yinghua. She fell for him and all she knew was his first name was James. They had many secret meetings and fell madly in love...or so she thought. One day James vanished...leaving her pregnant and was never seen from again. Later his body was found in the river...breaking Yinghua's heart. She named her son's with -James adding to his surname. She died five years later of a plague.

After that he was taken by his mentor to a temple that does not exist and was so secret only certain members knew it. There he continued trianing in the skills they taught him and was trained by his grandmother and aunt in the ways of their clans. Despite being a boy and it involving sexual methods. He has never actually used those methods on an actual mark yet. For it was a sign of either intimacy and forever after...or intent to kill...so he didn't use them.

He was considered a prodigy pupil by the monks in the monestary. By hard word and skill he rose quickly in ranks and at the age of 12 was a junior sensei. At the age of 16 he was a full fledged mentor. He spent several years with his cousin who was leader of the chinese traid and learned many skills from him.

Going back and forth from there and the secret temple until the age of 16. When he was sent out on missions. He was given a mission two years ago which is how he survived the masaccure and destruction of it. He came there after Thanayelle had left and did his own prayers and blessings. The scene he had caught there...along with the pain he sensed...caused him much agony. Like the wind he vanished without a trace.

No one knows where he is or what he is doing but he still practices his skills...creates new poisons and antidotes...grows herbs when he can. Other than that...he is gone in the wind. He doesn't really know he is a demi-god. He spends a lot of time protecting demi-gods, the secret of the gods, mortals from monsters and other things. He is considered a "priest" of the gods. Nobody really knew this...one of the locations he travels between tend to be the halfblood camp and olympus. Of course he rarely remembers that.

Zeus was forced to claim Tobias by Hera when Tobias was a toddler when it was noticeable that he was different then the other demigods. He spent his time between Olympus being acclimated to their food as well as their presence so they didn't burn out his mind. Wasn't able to actually eat the gods food to become immortal until a year ago. While he had been claimed, he still didn't really know who his father was since those on Olympus were hush hush because of the prophecy. Once he was eighteen they realized that the prophecy didn't relate to him nor to his twin, he was allowed to join their ranks and learn who his godly father was.
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Tobias Theo Ray-James
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