A greek mythology roleplaying game by post. There are many dieties/demigods/monster stories. Here you can play them out or create your own version of history.
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 Thanos Permethius - Demigod

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Thanos Permethius

Thanos Permethius

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PostSubject: Thanos Permethius - Demigod   Tue Jun 02, 2015 2:46 pm

Name: Thanos Adonius Permethius
Alias: Idiot (by Terrance)
Age: 15
Birth date: unknown
Birthplace: Pearl City, Honolulu, Hawaii (assumed)
Home: on the run still with terrance

Pic One
Pic Two
Play by: (youth) Leonardo DiCaprio
(adult) Robert Downey jr.
Hair: see images
Eyes: uses color changing contacts
Build: Lean but muscular
Distinguishing Marks: Usual burns, cuts etc you get as a child and from working with blow torches
Dress Style: varies

Mother: Helen Taggart (foster mom...kinda)
Father: Travers Taggart (Foster dad...kinda)
Siblings: None (that he is aware of)
Guardian: himself and terrance...sorta
godly parent: Aphrodite

Fatal Flaw: drinking and drugs...temper...getting into fights...various others
Ambrosia: Peanut butter cookies
Hobbies: tinkering, inventing, fighting, drinking, drugs, and many other things.
Personality:broken down below

Unknown what happened but that something compelled others to not adopt him and as a toddler he met Terrance and the Taggart family. Mrs. Taggart tolerated Thanos' presence in their family when he came around. Mostly grew up in Hawaii until the age of eleven when he ran away with Terrance.

What is not yet known is that Thanos is the product of a tryst with both Dionysus and Hephaestus with Aphrodite...when he was born he was kidnapped around three months old. Some crazy ass events occurred that only allowed for half of an elixir of mortality to be given to the little godling...making him a demi-god. These events cause him to remain unclaimed...and even if they make it to the camp it will remain as such for the time being.

Your Journey: Stole a boat and sailed it to Mexico near the Gulf of California. Knew there were strange things out there but never believed in things like gods and demigods until they kept getting attacked repeatedly and being told by monsters that they (Terrance and Thanos) were demigods. Survived by Thanos' unknown ability to influence vines of fruit so they always ended up being able to have fruit to eat. Ended up at the Lotus Hotel in Nevada until Percy Jackson stole a car and crashed it through the hotel and escaping. It woke Terrance and Thanos up enough to get out of there as well. As they were trekking, they got a ride from a guy in a pick up truck who let them off at the border to Camp Halfblood.
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Thanos Permethius - Demigod
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