A greek mythology roleplaying game by post. There are many dieties/demigods/monster stories. Here you can play them out or create your own version of history.
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 Quests: What you need to know

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PostSubject: Quests: What you need to know   Thu Jun 11, 2015 8:41 pm

Part of being a demigod is wanting to be a hero. A hero can only be recognized one way right? Through quests. We know that Luke went on a quest and failed. There wasn't another quest until two years later when Percy had to go retrieve the master bolt. Conditions had to be met for each quest to be considered a victory (yet I think for any demigod being able to go home alive was a victory), such as the number of people the day the item had to be retrieved or returned by etc. So we'll do the same on here. Gods can give a quest to certain demigods (like in the books), at the same time random quests will pop up and it will go to the first people who sign up for them. Things that are mandatory and cannot change are certain conditions. Those are:

  • The Number of People in the questing party - must be no more than three (any more and demigod scents are hard to hide)
  • Each member of your questing party must have at least 5 posts
  • There is no such thing as an easy quest. You must have some kind of danger and at least one of your members needs to get injured.
  • You must post in the quest section when you begin a quest and when you've finished so it can be counted
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Quests: What you need to know
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