A greek mythology roleplaying game by post. There are many dieties/demigods/monster stories. Here you can play them out or create your own version of history.
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 Please read thank you

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PostSubject: Please read thank you   Mon Jun 08, 2015 4:03 pm

So we've all had a fanvid we've seen that we thought was worth sharing. Sometimes the bummer is our friends aren't into the same type of thing we are. Or they might not be as obsessed or crazy about it as you are and you might be the same way with some of theirs. Here, if you have a video that must be passed on, please go ahead and do so.


[b]Rating:[/b] (please do not post anything explicit here)

After you've posted it and if people have watched it as well or have on your recommend, feel free to discuss it in the thread as well.
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Please read thank you
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