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 Welcome Back (Leovali)

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Nadia Greenwich

Nadia Greenwich

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PostSubject: Welcome Back (Leovali)   Sat Nov 18, 2017 10:24 pm

Nadia blearily rolled out of bed, disentangling herself from her pile of blankets with some difficulty. She had no idea what time it was--probably around noon, judging by her usual schedule. She yawned, her bare feet padding softly across the floor of the empty cabin towards the door. There was no need to change--one, because she honestly didn't care what she looked like (and if anyone commented on her bed head, she'd just flip them off and go on her merry way), and two, because her clothes and her pajamas were one and the same: sweatpants and a tanktop (shoes were optional).

She opened the cabin door and squinted at the bright sunlight, blinking and looking down at the chipped black nail polish on her toes as she adjusted to the daytime. Even before she got to camp, she'd always operated at night, so the sun wasn't something she was used to.

And then she remembered what day it was. The beginning of summer. Being a year round camper, all the days were the same to her, so she hardly noticed the date most of the time, but today was special. Today, all the summer campers started arriving, and along with them, her recently discovered half-brother.

Leovali was kind of a dork, but she'd never had siblings before, so she actually rather liked having him around. Not that she would tell him that, of course.

His arrival had been a surprise last year. She'd come to camp in March, so he hadn't been there when she'd arrived, and no one had thought to tell her that she had a brother. He just turned up one day, and Nadia had no choice but to grudgingly get used to it.

She actually ended up missing him a little when he left, but she'd never tell him that either.

He was supposed to arrive today--probably any minute now. Nadia hid her anticipation behind a bored facade, and leaned casually against the doorframe as she gazed out across the campground to see if she could spot him.
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Leovali Velmar

Leovali Velmar

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PostSubject: Re: Welcome Back (Leovali)   Fri Nov 24, 2017 11:04 am

((It starts out a little awkward as I wasn't sure how to start it off and Leovali's a newer character of mine. Sorry if it begins a little dull. Smile ))

Leovali had been coming and going for awhile prior to summer time. Sometimes he came just to escape the chaos of normal life. Other times it was because this was the safest place in the world. Even more so was the fact it was lonely at times, within that home of his grandparents, now that both were gone. In this instance, he was actually returning again, for a break from business meetings and headaches with adults that still treated him as if he was an ignorant child. He left the meeting and headed on a tour of Greece. Shaking his head as his thoughts were all over the place. One thought barely finished before it jumped somewhere else. Taking his hands and sluggishly patted his cheeks. Mentally scolding himself the way his grandfather used to do Focus Leovali. Focus. Shaking his head to clear his thoughts. No sooner had he finished thinking this to himself he let out a lazy yawn and looked out the train window.

He was riding the train back towards the town within walking distance of the hidden outskirts of Camp Halfblood. He mused with barely awake eyes and mentality about how the days had just seemed to melt together into the start of summer. His thoughts as his eyes closed slightly and he dozed off was about the sister he met two years ago. Honestly, there wasn't many children in the cabin of Hypnos and most of them ignored him. Or seemed weirded out by him.

That was the way it was...

....until two years ago....

...when Nadia Greenwich came to Camp Halfblood.

This turn of events, when a newcomer to the camp, was the sibling who would be both a pain in the ass and a strange occurrence. For this newcomer, who his father claimed and had told him ahead of time she had, wasn't going anywhere. In fact she was ironically going to turn out to stay full time at the camp, changed this trend of events. The first half sibling, despite having so few, that had bothered him or tried to talk or bark at him was a Miss Nadia Greenwich. She was a cocky and arrogant, despite lazy, young woman who had from day one decreed this was her cabin. Never mind that he had been here for years before her. None of that mattered. She had decreed it her place and never failed anytime summer came around to jokingly remind him of such. A chuckle hitting his lips as his fond memories hit this point. As much as she annoyed him...he adored her. She was the only half sibling in this cabin that he actually bonded to. That he could tolerate to some extent.

It was fine with him that she claimed the cabin, even when he stayed full time in the summertime, he rarely used it anyways. She was the first family he had truly gotten attached to since his actual family left him as an orphan. It made him secretly protective of her. Not that he would tell Nadia that. She would likely be smug about it. His eyes drooped closed and he leaned back. Shifting his bags and the wrapped in sheets and tied that way parcel he always carried with him. Sometimes holstered but usually just carried. A soft smile on his lips. He wasn't good with words and she was. That was amusing. He was good with actions and she was so independent, headstrong, feisty, bratty and pushy that it was oddly adorable. She had grown on him. At first like a bad rash but by this point he was genuinely attached to her. He even brought her gifts from his homeland and some cute accessories. Some trinkets that were mostly souvenirs from places he went on business. Eyes opening halfway as he let out a long law yawn.

The loud whistle of the train and the even louder voice of the conductor stating they had arrived at their destination rousing him. Standing up slowly and putting his parcel into its holster. Grabbing his suitcases and tucking it under his arm.  It was shaped like a duffel bag but larger. The other was a smaller bag that held his souvenirs and gifts for Nadia. Mostly snow globes and some comfy pajamas or clothing. Things he figured she could use. He wondered if she was doing good. If she took any quests lately. He knew he had but he hadn't heard of Nadia taking any quests. Not surprising really. Leaving the train and walking the distance on foot from the train station to the outskirts of town. Continuing on the path in a slow and lazy way. It took him some time before he got there. His head raising as he walked almost in a slouch towards the barrier and then past it. Heading further and further inside of Camp Halfblood as he headed towards Hypnos's cabin. Walking to the back door of the cabin.

He didn't really think much of it. Approaching the door and throwing it open. He instinctively called out a single word. "Home." He didn't expect her to answer. Wandering inside and glanced to her. Staring at her sleepily. She was standing in the door frame of the front door. Posed in a casual lean against the frame. Dropping his travel bag onto the nearest bed before catching, in a sloth like motion, the backpack sized bag, containing his gifts for her. Slowly walking towards her and held it out. She still acted like he was the invader and the thought of this amused him. He couldn't blame her. From what he heard nearly two years ago she arrived in March, when he was out on a quest and usually not staying there full time anyways, so he hadn't been there. None of the two older half siblings had decided it worth mentioning. Mr. D obviously hadn't mentioned it either.

Moving to sit down on the chair nearest her and continued to silently hold the back out to Nadia. Did his brat sister miss him? He wondered...and wanted to ask her if she would like to come with him...but wasn't good with words. Plus she didn't seem to fully enjoy his company either. She was already precious to him but he wouldn't tell her that. Wouldn't and couldn't. "Nadia...hey." He said in an awkward tone. As he wasn't good with talking or conversing but was greeting her. That is what big brothers should do...right? he didn't know. Social interactions were draining and so much work. Nadia seemed to have better social skills even with her attitude. A soft smile on his lips as he genuinely missed the only other family member he had that was still alive and wasn't annoying like the rest of the cabin. Least not to their level.

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Welcome Back (Leovali)
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