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 Spend Time With Me (Persephone)

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Konan Martins

Konan Martins

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PostSubject: Spend Time With Me (Persephone)   Tue Nov 14, 2017 3:49 am

Konan wondered why he had smelled Ares around. The god hadn't come to visit in sometime and he had been a little busy. Spending time with his mate inside of Camp Demi-God. Saving Bianca and more importantly his little demi-god boy slash master Nico with his mate Alexei. The god Ares smell was all around his Goddess Persephone's territory within the God of the Dead's territory. Within her personal areas and all around the areas that the other always seen that man at. Ares came and went a lot over the many, many years. Sometimes coming to tease his uncle or Persephone. Most times coming to play with him or take him elsewhere. Though in more recent sets of years the gaps between those times grew greater and greater.

Until more recently...Ares had come to play games with Persephone more and more lately. They played tag and chase. She got upset or Ares got upset then they left. Ares and Persephone scents been all over the place so often lately the older and bigger, much bigger, three headed puppy Cerberus pooch was extra curious. One time Ares came he didn't sense, smell, see or hear him leave. When he did it was after a long time. It seemed like Ares and Persephone were more friends than not. That thought alone made the hound wag his tail. Slowly and surely before he stretched out.


...without realizing it while in motion he turned into human form. Not only that he had shadow jumped like he taught nico to do after rushing into a different pool of water. Finding himself someplace lighter but not caring. He smelled mistress this way!

Shifting into his human form and was crawling on hands and knees. Excitedly and curiously he followed Persephone's scent to wherever he found he. He sniffed and made his way after the curious mixtures of scents. Traveling all through the area as he moved with the same motions or limb contortionism as he hurried along after the scent. Running in that direction as she was still in. Hurrying along on all fours despite being in human form before sitting up on his haunches. Staring at the door before down at himself. Shrugging before he moved up slowly and on wobbly legs. With several failed attempts he managed to get the door open. Falling inside with a tumble and didn't stop until he ended up in a ball against the wall. "Uhn...." He groaned out. Rolling over onto his hands and knees. Shaking it off and even let out a sneeze.

Moving over to the bed and poking his head up to look for her. Nope. Not there. He sniffed around and underneath the bed. Following the scent until he found himself before Persephone's personal bathing areas. Wiggling his naked butt like there was a tail there. Tilting his head to the side before he nudged the door until it opened. Moving forwards slowly before sitting down. "Persephone...spend time with me. It been a long time. I want to spent time with Persephone....we want to play fetch and other things." It started out just Konan but near the end it was like you could hear all three triplet dogs speaking in an echoing like simultaneous with Konan's own recognizable voice. Even if she had forgotten, from how rarely, what his human form looks like. He didn't move forwards further merely waited for his lady goddess to speak or come closer wherever she was.

GM permission given to & from : Ares, Persephone
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PostSubject: Re: Spend Time With Me (Persephone)   Fri Nov 24, 2017 7:13 pm

She soaks for hours before she even considers getting out of her bath, loath to get out of the steaming water and face her duties again.   As she ascends the steps out of the water, she grabs the length of purple fabric hanging on a rod by the edge of the pool and pulls it over her head, using a length of ribbon lying nearby to tie off the waist.   Once her dress is tied, she begins to wring out her curls as she pads across the tiled floor to the mirror hanging on the wall.  

Or she does until she hears something bump against the door and freezes.  She can see a few blonde locks through the gap between the door and the doorframe, and she wonders if she ought to scream.  

How did someone get in here? The only people would even know how to get here without wandering aimlessly for hours are herself and her husband. The only thing within reach to use as a weapon is a wooden-backed hairbrush sitting on a nearby table, so she takes it and warily approaches the door.  A man's voice is speaking, and she braces herself in preparation to scream until the voice takes on a familiar tripled effect and she lets out a shaky breath.  

There's only one being she knows with a voice like that, although how he got here is beyond her.  

"Konan," she says, pulling the door open to find the blond man sitting on his haunches outside of the chamber.  "How did you get here?"  She knows full well he has an excellent sense of smell, but as far as she knew he wasn't even in the underworld.  She's hardly seen him for weeks, so this is more than a surprise.  

"You came all this way for a game of fetch?" she asks, lips twisting up into a smile.  She's always liked Konan, though it's odd to see him in his human form, and she sees no reason to say no.  "It'd hardly be fair of me to say no," she tells him, combing her fingers through her hair to untangle her curls.

GM Privileges from & given to Ares, Konan, Aphrodite
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Spend Time With Me (Persephone)
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