A greek mythology roleplaying game by post. There are many dieties/demigods/monster stories. Here you can play them out or create your own version of history.
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 Nadia Greenwich

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Nadia Greenwich

Nadia Greenwich

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PostSubject: Nadia Greenwich   Sun Nov 12, 2017 5:35 pm

Name: Nadia Greenwich
Alias: Nadia, Dia, probably all sorts of derogatory nicknames from people who don't know her name
Age: 15
Birth date: May 12
Birthplace: Chicago, IL
Home: Camp Halfblood (year round)

Play by: Maia Mitchell
Hair: Dark brown, cut short a few years ago, growing out at the moment. Right now it's a bob, nearly shoulder-length.
Eyes: Brown
Build: Small and wiry.
Distinguishing Marks: None.
Dress Style: Anything warm and comfortable. Sweats and jeans, mostly, often with beanies and knitted, fingerless gloves.

Mother: Cynthia Greenwich
Father: N/A
Siblings: None
Guardian: None
Godly parent: Hypnos

Fatal Flaw: Apathy/laziness
Ambrosia: Thin Mints
Hobbies: Causing mischief (messing with people, stealing things, etc.), dozing off, baking, playing the penny whistle.
Traits: Can make people fall asleep, can enter their dreams, can lucid dream (less of an ability, more of something that just happens no matter what), can access/retrieve people's memories.
Personality: Mischievous, sassy, sarcastic, easily bored, laid-back, kinda mean, apathetic, selfish, morally ambiguous.

General History: Cynthia Greenwich was 20 years old when her daughter was born. Her brief fling with the god of sleep was nowhere near serious enough for her to know, or even care, about his true identity--he was simply a rebound after her high school boyfriend of four years suddenly left her. As such, she was completely alone and unprepared for her unexpected pregnancy, and only carried it to term because, by the time she found out, she was too far along for an abortion.

She made sure her daughter knew this. Every day, she blamed Nadia for stealing her future. Cynthia had dropped out of college in order to raise her baby, and she ended up with two minimum wage part time jobs, trying (and mostly failing) to support them. Nadia grew up on the receiving end of all of her mother's bitterness, verbal abuse and neglect making up most of her childhood.

When Nadia was eight, her mother found a new boyfriend. His name was Jace, and he swore a lot and smelled like cigarettes. Her mother started spending a lot of time at his house, often staying the night and coming back the next morning, leaving Nadia to fend for herself. As the days went on, her mother's disappearances grew longer and longer.

And then one November, she didn't come back at all. Nadia was nine, and, after living on her own for three weeks, she finally figured that her mother wasn't returning this time. She'd already eaten most of the food in the house, and she knew she would need to procure some more if she wanted to survive, so she set out in her warmest clothes, and took to the streets.

The first place she stole from was a 7/11. It was late at night, and empty except for the cashier. She was nervous about being caught, but the man at the counter looked exhausted, and she figured, if only he fell asleep, she could take whatever she wanted. She hung out behind a row of shelves and watched the guy, willing him to fall asleep.

And then he did. Mere seconds after she thought it, he was sprawled across the counter, snoring softly. Too relieved to really question it, she grabbed all the food she could carry and hurried out of the store.

She expected it to just be a one-off experience, but the next time she needed food, she raided a gas station and the same thing happened. This time, the cashier didn't even look tired, but she willed him to fall asleep, and he did. Catching on, she began to experiment. She'd target people on the sidewalk, or in restaurants, and concentrate on making them sleep. She got a kick out of it whenever people just collapsed in the middle of what they were doing. She knew she was definitely responsible for it, and, though she couldn't explain how or why she had this ability, she was certainly grateful for it.

Every time she needed something, she could just walk in and take it while anyone who might have stopped her dozed off at their posts. She felt powerful, and she loved it. She carried on like this for nearly four years, taking whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted it (unless the place was too crowded or visible--she mostly operated at night, and in sparsely populated areas). She was on top of the world.

She was thirteen when she discovered what her powers meant.

Your Journey: At thirteen years old, Nadia was living independently without a care in the world.

And then the snake people showed up. At first she thought she'd just imagined it. She got a quick glance at one out of her peripheral vision, and shook it off as a trick of the eyes. But then she kept seeing them--one on the street, one in the mall, one inside a dingy bar who looked as if she was watching her from the window. Over the course of the next week, she couldn't shake the feeling that she was being followed. They were everywhere, more and more of them every day.

At last, a pack of six of them all walked (slithered?) toward her at once, and she knew she wasn't just being paranoid, and she didn't think she'd lost her mind. As they approached, she took off running, and they picked up their pace to follow her. Ducking through back alleys and around crowds of people, she slipped into an old motel, and shut herself in a bathroom. Peeking through a crack in the door, she saw them enter the lobby, and they looked to be asking about her. Cursing to herself, she concentrated as hard as she could on making them fall asleep.

She'd never done six at once before. Her largest heist had involved four people, and it was already late at night, so they looked tired anyway. This was far beyond her capabilities, especially from the distance she was from them. Two of the snake women collapsed where they stood, and one stumbled slightly. The rest snapped their attention toward her hiding place, and a stream of expletives ran through mind as she realized she was cornered.

And then the clerk behind the desk swung a hatchet at one of the snake ladies' necks and she turned to dust.

The motel clerk made short work of the remaining snake people, including the sleeping ones on the floor. Nadia tentatively emerged from her hiding place when it was over, and the man revealed himself to be a satyr named Garth. He took her to a coffee shop and explained everything to her. She was skeptical at first, but she couldn't deny what she'd seen.

She didn't want to go with him to Camp Halfblood at first. She was perfectly happy where she was. But he warned her that the draconae would not be the last--or the worst--monsters to find her, and she gave in.

She has now lived full-time at Camp Halfblood for two years.

When Nadia emerged from her hiding spot in the motel bathroom, a glowing poppy symbol hovered over her head. Garth had already suspected, given the nature of her powers, and the symbol was just one more thing to explain to her.
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Nadia Greenwich
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