A greek mythology roleplaying game by post. There are many dieties/demigods/monster stories. Here you can play them out or create your own version of history.
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 Carolyn Mistelley ~ Daughter of Athena

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Carolyn Mistelley

Carolyn Mistelley

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PostSubject: Carolyn Mistelley ~ Daughter of Athena   Sun Nov 12, 2017 3:25 pm

Name: Carolyn Natalie Mistelley
Alias: Caro
Age: 16
Birth date: 1st May
Birthplace: New York, USA
Home: Camp Half-Blood (all year around)

Play by: Chloƫ Grace Moretz
Hair: Blonde, curly,
Eyes: Grey
Build: Slim
Distinguishing Marks: She has her ears pierced once.
Dress Style: Everything that is in fashion but mostly dresses.

Mother: Caroline Mistelley
Father: Oliver Mistelley
Siblings: Demi-god siblings, Clarissa Mistelley
Guardian: n/a
godly parent: Athena

Fatal Flaw: Knowing more than she shows out.
Ambrosia: Chocolate
Hobbies: Reading, Helping others out, Drawing
Traits: Smart, Brave, Loyal, Trustworthy
Personality: Carolyn has always been a friendly and kind person, who seems to get along with everyone who she meets. She loves to meet new people. Of course, there are times when she can be mean and rude too but it happens only when you are or really getting her nerves. The girl has become to hate bullies and just people who liked to get what they think is right. She really does hates selfish people. She herself knows things doesn't come easily in this world, you need to fight for them.

You could say she is brave for a girl. She likes to take risks in her life. The girl is afraid of heights actually, it started when she was five. She fell down from the tree then and broke her arm. Then it wasn't really a phobia but when she was seven she almost fell down from her house balcony. She was glad that her friends were near there, they were just messing around near balcony and they grabbed her arms one right time. So she didn't fall down, ever since it has become a phobia. She tries to not show it out.

She also quite a smart one. She loves to study about different things around her. She knows a lot about things and she might not always show it out. There are times when she doesn't wanna be noticed by people around her. She is someone who wants at times peace and quiet, the time for herself. Where she can think and do things she likes. Like reading or drawing.

General History: Carolyn has the whole life knows only about her father. She was the one who raised her her whole life. Her father never liked to talk about her father. So the girl has no idea who she is or what she did do. Anyways girl grows up with the single father until she was five years old girl. Then her father did get married to Caroline. The woman who became her step-mother.

To be honest, Carolyn and Caroline got along actually good. They had real mother and daughter relationship between them. So she was glad to have finally mother there for her who she can trust. She was even glad when a year later was born her sister Clarissa. She was a big sister to her. She tried to help her parents out so much as she could.

When she finally needed to go to school she was excited. She really loved to study and read already before school. She had always been smarter than most kids in her age. She loved to go to school. She always helped her fellow students out too when they homework. In some point, she even became a tutor for others. She tried to always best in the school.

She knows so many weren't her real friends and they did hang around her because she was so smart and helpful. Anyways she didn't care much about it. She just loved to have friends and help others. Anyways she always kept her grades good. Oh, she even helped her sister out there many times in her life. She tried to have her good life.

Since the girl parents weren't really rich then she didn't always have everything she wanted. So she had to try her best for to get something she needed in her life.

Your Journey:
Carolyn had noticed weird things to happen around for her already for few years. Some strange things following her but she never thought much about them. She always runs away when she saw those strange things and creatures she could see. She didn't wanna deal with them at all.

Anyways one day those creatures tried to attack her. Which made her be even more worried. She wasn't at first what she should do but she managed somehow kill few of them with the nearby stick she found. This happened near the forest. So she tried to use whatever she could to fight them off.

She killed all of them at the end. She could tell soo after she had killed the creatures did disappear, not stayed there on the ground. So she was even more confused. So then some satyr came to her and said that they need to talk. So that Satyr did explain to her who she really is and why those creatures had followed her.

So after this, she went to Camp Half-Blood.

Athena kids are claimed by born but she didn't know who she was until recently.

For few days she had no idea who was her godly parent. But one day one girl came to her and said: "Hey half-sister." This was kid of Athena. Who was her godly parent. Ever since that day she knows.
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Carolyn Mistelley ~ Daughter of Athena
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