A greek mythology roleplaying game by post. There are many dieties/demigods/monster stories. Here you can play them out or create your own version of history.
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 Too Early To Be Awake, Too Late To Sleep {Open}

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Adrian Beaumont

Adrian Beaumont

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PostSubject: Too Early To Be Awake, Too Late To Sleep {Open}   Wed Nov 01, 2017 5:29 pm

Sitting on the grass at the Archery field, Adrian had his bow lying next to him, the string undone and his arrows were neatly laid out in front of him, a sharpening rock in one hand and one of the many arrows in the other hand. Slowly and methodically, Adrian sharpened the metal heads of the arrows, making sure that they were shining and sharp to even cut through soft metal. He rarely ventured out of his infirmary to do some archery training but sitting in the room day in and day out was getting even to him and he had decided on some fresh air even if that led to him doing maintenance on his weapons.

Looking around the empty lands, he blinked his eyes and looked up at the sky, noting that it was still early enough for people to be asleep; he had been there since around four in the morning, having been unable to sleep due to taking care of two demi-gods who had the unfortunate luck to run into a monster during their quest and getting fatally injured before stumbling into camp.

Rolling his shoulders, Adrian placed the sharpened arrow down and grabbed another one, firstly making sure that the feathers weren't in any way messed with and that the actual wood of the arrow wasn't splintered in any place before he got to sharpening the arrow head.
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Leovali Velmar

Leovali Velmar

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PostSubject: Re: Too Early To Be Awake, Too Late To Sleep {Open}   Thu Nov 02, 2017 4:10 am

Leovali had found himself a usually abandoned location in the archery field to lay down in. He was usually being forced to not sleep deeply  and was taking this time to attempt to do so anyways. Most people were usually not up at this time or following other more rigid schedules. His clothing was elegant looking as always and soft. As if something you could wear to bed or out and about for the day. While he was enjoying his nap he had continued to ignore the various dangers that occasionally traversed his way.

That wasn't to say sometime during the night prior with his laying beneath the moonlight...instead of in the Hypnos cabin with the annoyingly boring and cliche few others...he was out in the grassy Archery field after hours. Which had led to a harpy actually attacking him. What are the odds right? It didn't end well for the she monster though. As evident by the corpse of a harpy which lay a good four yards away from where he was napping. A streak of red on the ground stopped more than a yard and a half from him. The evening had changed into the early hours of the morning around four a.m.

The sound of another coming through the area and sharpening stone over metal had the demi-god of sleep stirring. The methodical sound slowly rousing him into a more half sleep state. It was lulling enough to not fully wake him but strangely rousing enough to keep him from drifting into a deeper sleep. At least at the moment he was incapable of doing both. He sat up and stretched out. Working out the kinks and quickly wrapping the cleaned weapon back up in the sheet. The pole sticking out as the rope soon held the sheet in place all but blunting the deadly weapon inside.

His head turning to look around without a sound before he located the other. Only about six feet, maybe less, from where he currently sat. Who the hell was up before the break of dawn. He didn't say anything and since the other seemed to not notice him for the moment...he laid back down. Folding his arms beneath his head and getting comfortable again. Wasn't his problem...let arrow boy practice with the sharpened arrows or whatever he was doing. He wasn't moving anytime soon. He hoped he wouldn't have to socialize...he was not so good with his words....his actions were greater and more accurate most times. Especially if he didn't even want to socialize.

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Too Early To Be Awake, Too Late To Sleep {Open}
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