A greek mythology roleplaying game by post. There are many dieties/demigods/monster stories. Here you can play them out or create your own version of history.
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 Leovali Velmar

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Leovali Velmar

Leovali Velmar

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PostSubject: Leovali Velmar   Wed Jun 21, 2017 2:01 am

Name: Leovali JD Moonflower (birth name)
Leovali JD Velmar (legal name)
Alias: JD, Lee, Vali, Val, Sloth (in that order)
Age: 17
Birth date: February 15th
Birthplace: Unknown Location Name but he was literally born in a forest somewhere.
Home: Camp Halfblood (mostly), Grandparents House (often), World Traveling (sometimes)


Play by: to be added when find a real life one.
Hair: White/Platinium Blond
Eyes: Unknown. they usually closed, half-mast or sliver style open
Build: Not applicable. what you see is what you get. he clearly isn't tall or short but exactly like his images.
Distinguishing Marks: what you see is what you get. do you see anything marring his body? No...then why ask a stupid question. haha
Dress Style: varies but generally like in his signature

Mother: Lilith Moonflower (deceased)
Father: Jareth Moonflower (deceased)
Siblings: unknown
Guardian: Lady Helena Marsapol & Lord Gregory Marsapol (both deceased)
godly parent: Hypnos

Fatal Flaw: weaker and less functional awake then asleep, lethargic when awake, has trouble staying awake nor the desire to do so

Ambrosia: Grandma's good old fashioned home cooked meals.

Hobbies: avoiding social interactions, sleeping on things Mr. D says don't sleep on, avoiding manual labor, little bit of this and that.

Traits: Takes after hypnos A LOT especially with personal use. His grandmother used to say "He and his second daddy were two peas in a pod" he didn't understand what that meant fully until meeting the in disguise Hypnos. He always known he was different and began practicing under his hippie parents guidance at a young age. His skills from Hypnos are: Sleep Manipulation, Dream Manipulation,Unconscious Mobility with the connected subskills of Dream Recall (sleep), Dream Absorption (dream), Sleep Combat
Greateast Limitation: when used on others in MOST, but not all instances, will require OOC permission for use. very few exceptions.[/color]
All Ability Limitation: Leovali generally only uses his abilities on others when fighting or defending himself in his sleep
Weaknesses: Leovali rarely uses his gifts on others unless its to help his friends either by changing a nightmare to a good dream, eating the nightmare, helping them sleep or recall a dream. or to understand their dreams.
Current Limitations: has only really gained an advanced to semi-mastered level over these for himself personally. has much training to do for more than 50% success ratio for use on others in most cases.
Current Weakness: Use on others, especially with dream/nightmare absorption with others it can affect him on negative levels (varies by sitaution) or cause him to be ill, weakened or afflicted by whatever tormented them. has even resulted in breaking out in hives or in rare cases temporary "gender bending" to poor hypno.

Personality: He is like a very sexy sloth most times. He is intelligent and been called a very lazy guy. He is always sleepy even when he gets rest. He seems to have a low energy level to him but that really isn't the case as he is always very much aware of his surroundings. He acts very much like a cat. Coming, going, or sleeping as he pleases without consideration of what others think. Hence why he is often compared to being a lazy stray alley cat. Personally he is a passive man unless angered which rarely happens. Outside of the times people have rudely disrupted his sleep, which has caused him to seem like an angry bear that was infused with a demon until pacified or calmed down.

Simplest way is to apologize or bribe him with something delicious to eat for lunch or being his living plushie or body pillow. He is a guy who often is just go with the flow and has a sense of humor. If he were to be giving a single and dominating trait that represents him the most it would be the Cardinal Sin Of Sloth. An over all good guy he would rather be left alone than interact but that doesn't mean he won't if he has to. He is so laid back and go with the flow he will even tell you straight up that he is going to sleep and do it a second later. Don't mistake this to mean he can't be flirtatious, romantic or a suave smooth talker. He can and could but generally won't because its too much work giving that much of a shiz or making so much effort.  Some Likes & Dislikes are as follows:
✓ Sleeping and helping others sleep 
✓ How other peoples dreams tastes...the tastes vary by dream and person. 
✓ Helping friends not have nightmares 
✓ Using people as living plushies or being given bento boxes/home made lunches
✗ People disrupting his sleep or waking him from it in rude ways.
✗ Being forced to do manual labor or work 
✗ Nightmares and having to deal with them or help others with them
✗ Lying, back stabbing, traitorous swine...yes that includes pigs too.

General History: Leovali was born to a couple of nomadic hippies, who had a crazy view on life and met a lazy god in the middle of a forest, and proceeded to enjoy a threesome with them. His mother was completely human but his father had secretly been an unknowing Demi-God. When his relived parents finally got to hold him for the first time, they quickly named him Leovali JD Moonflower. He had a happy childhood for the first few years of his life. Taken care of by two hippies who preferred to live off the land and tended to often be high as a kite of various drugs. Now and then he was sent to stay with his maternal grandmother in Hawaii. Other times sent to his paternal grandparents who lived somewhere in Europe. By the time he was three he had learned his favorite foods were those from oriental countries due to his father getting him addicted to those things. Sadly this free spirited journey would come to a tragic end when a drunk driver killed his parents by T-boning their car in a hit and run. They had dropped him at the front of the restaurant and told him to wait there while they parked in the parking lot over.. Sitting on the bench the place had outside and waited. They had barely pulled onto the main road to turn into the driveway to the store next to the restaurant when the collision happened.

The young Leovali sat on that bench for a long time waiting for the parents to join him. They never did and eventually he got up and walked off. Looking for something to eat and not being homeless so wasn't' willing to dig through the trash to eat. Minutes turned to hours. Hours turned to days. Which led to Leovali trying to steal from a food cart and getting caught. That very moment is the first and last time Leovali had real freedom. Family court sent him into the foster system. He was bounced from house to house without ever really having a home to stay in. Meeting lots of different people. Eventually getting found by his grandparents and brought to their home. They paid an expensive lawyer to get him back in their family and out of the foster system. Most of the time he rolled with the punches but he really didn't get what the big deal was. His grandparents bringing him back to their estate and boy was he in for a shock when he realized his mother's parents were loaded.

They eventually got him into the best schools available until the day Hypnos, in the guise he had used when he had a threesome with Leovali's parents, posed as a recruiter for a very exclusive, elite boarding school with its own built in camp grounds and everything. Convincing his grandparents to ship him off for the rest of his school years, including college part-time if he so wished, to this elite academy with the build in camp grounds. Sometime later his elderly grandparents died one after the other. The coroner believes both died of natural causes but his grandfather couldn't bare to go on without his wife. He died merely a week after his wife. Leovali went home to arrange their funerals and left the care of the estate in his grandparents staffs hands while he continued going to school. As the saying goes....the rest...is history.

Leovali believes he has never had encounters with monster's until shortly after his grandmother's death. When he fought with his sleeping fighter style, off a monster and was a bit injured by it. However, this was not the truth. The period when his parents died in that 'tragic hit and run car accident' was followed by several of the many he would have until his grandparents located him and whisked him away to their barrier protected home that had a small shrine only his grandmother entered dedicated to the Goddess Artemis. Who his grandmother finally requested her one wish for her loyalty and many times of pleasing her....having Leovali's memories of the incidents altered to something more mortal like.

His first remembered and half awake encounter with monsters was during the initial weeks just before and after his grandparents deaths. Which up until they would be buried was still a bit hazy as Artemis kept her promise to one of her favorite huntress's as she requested it. Heading off after taking care of those he was often fighting monsters off in his sleep using his favored weapon that he carries (add it later when find it).
Occasionally getting stuck a few times in tricks set up by others. Meeting a beautiful woman named Aphrodite one time when he had been ensnared by a tricky siren's song and help captive. She saved his life but he was pretty sure it was just a dream. To make things more interesting....this dream triggered memories that reminded him of his early childhood. As well as his thirteenth and sixteenth birthdays where his third father (the disguised Hypnos) visited and told him things. Checked his progress and more. He isn't sure but he is fairly sure on some level he had always known. Instead of heading straight to the camp he decided to take the long route there.

Your Journey: Leovali had little knowledge of the dangers he would face for a brief period before his grandmother collected him. Nor did he know why it was that unlike many young demi-gods whose parents traveled like he did...that at least one of the parents and his grandparents knew what he was and protected him from monster attacks. His mother and her mother both being Huntress's Of Artemis. They and their husbands protecting the young Leovali. His grandparents continuing this until her death. Which is when Hypnos was able to begin reminding Leovali through his own inherited gifts about the few times they met and about his grandmother's revelation to him the truth. The truth about his mother. About herself as well as the facts and information he needed to know. Every night a new piece of information...through the dream image of his grandmother...was relayed to him through dreams where he interacted with his grandmother. He arrived at the camp two years prior which is when, three months later, he was sent out on his first quest. To find a lost artifact of Hypnos's. This quest was successful and led to his official move from the Hermes Cabin to Hypnos's. That was nearly two and a half years, maybe three years, ago now....give or take a few months.

Leovali has unknowingly always had Hypnos looking after him. Ever since Hypnos, his mother (a secret huntress of Artemis) and his father (Artemis's hand picked male worshipper for her) had their threesome in the forest. His "hippie parents" traveling the nomadic lifestyle and living off the land for more reasons than just their lifestyle. It was to keep him safe as well as keep the grandparents safe. It also allowed Hypnos, in his disguise from the threesome, to now and then meet up with them and see the early years of his sons life. Hypnos keeping tabs on him until the child was temporarily misplaced.

Quickly sending the Grandmother a dream of urgency which, just in time, led to her and her husband retrieving Leovali from the foster care. As well as rescuing him from monsters. Hypnos had been fond of his son but wasn't allowed to interfere or play part yet still visited at key birthdays. Teaching Leovali further when he was surprised, thrilled and impressed by the others initiative and natural talent. Hypnos, unbeknownst to Leovali, had been claiming him since the day he was born. It won't be until he has gone through the normal camp ritual and what not that he will officially claim his son. There hasn't ever been a day Hypnos hadn't been keeping an eye on him though. After his quest nearly two and half to three years ago, give or take some odd months, he was officially moved to Cabin Hypnos. His mark from his father is on his forehead where the third eye typically is. SEE HISTORY AND YOUR JOURNEY FOR MORE INFO.

OOC NOTE: Please private message me if you would like to plot him using his gift(s) to help your character or whatever. we can discuss it.
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Leovali Velmar
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