A greek mythology roleplaying game by post. There are many dieties/demigods/monster stories. Here you can play them out or create your own version of history.
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 Vise : Daughter Of Medusa (WIP)

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PostSubject: Vise : Daughter Of Medusa (WIP)   Tue Jun 20, 2017 11:19 pm

Name: Vise
Alias:  Daughter Of Medusa, Snake Princess, more added as gets them
Age: 14
Birth date: October 1st
Birthplace: Medusa's Garden
Home: Medusa's Garden/Olympus/God Lands


Note: Please do not steal this. This is my personal artwork and I have the original in a sketchbook. I drew vise back in highschool so don't make fun of my art.
Play by: Vise
Vise 2
Vise 3
Hair:  her front bangs are actually snakes...a asp named Viper and a king cobra named Cobra, long done in a more traditional greek style, darker browns, black...in summer time lighter just a bit.
Eyes: has a steely greyish tone to them due to her mother's curse
Build: lithe and gorgeous, sexy and see images, she has an innocent like beauty
Distinguishing Marks: pupils go snake like when angry,  if you aren't mortal you can usually see cobra and viper laying against the side of her face
Dress Style: traditional greek beauty

Mother: Medusa
Father: Unknown
Siblings: all medusas children, gorgons,
Guardian: N/A
godly parent: 

Fatal Flaw: MEDUSA related = prone to fits of jealousy or anger. vengeful towards the gods despite not evil, being 1/2 immortal monster makes going in and out of the barrier painful and leaves her feeling a bit sick
Ambrosia: cinnamon pretzel with icing
Hobbies: people watching, trying to learn to make friends, exploring, learning what her hobbies really are
Traits: MEDUSA (cursed monster/immortal)
-Paralysis Gaze (usually only lasts long enough to get away but with ooc permission could last longer)
-Medusa's Stare (as far as she knows it doesn't turn anything but animals,creatures, critters or nature to stone...she looks away and it requires her to be angry for it to happen)
-seductive at times
-Snake Summoning
-Snake Speaking/understanding
-Viper & Cobra only snakes in her hair
-snake eyes and tongue show when angry

-has two legs
-the rest of her hairs normal outside the two snake bangs framing her face name Viper and Cobra
Personality: (what is your person like? What makes them them? Are they funny or sarcastic, do they get angry quick, etc.)

General History: (What your character has done up to this point)

Your Journey: (Please write out how you found out you were a Demigod and your journey. You can summarize it.)  

Please fill in how you were claimed by your godly parent if you have chosen to be a claimed demigod

OOC NOTES: Admin approved use anime image. ADMIN ARES APPROVED HER EXISTANCE
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Vise : Daughter Of Medusa (WIP)
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