A greek mythology roleplaying game by post. There are many dieties/demigods/monster stories. Here you can play them out or create your own version of history.
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PostSubject: RPG BASICS (COURTESY)   Wed Jun 03, 2015 12:58 pm

•Mass threads - I frown greatly on mass threads. Please keep the number of people in your thread to no more then four or five max. It just keeps it easier to post back to. Unless there is an event in which case it will be discussed beforehand how we will conduct the mass thread.

•Closed Threads - The only ones who can enter a closed thread that wasn't allowed are the gods. And ONLY if they are to lend a helping hand or make things more difficult. OR if they're asked to by somene in the thread. Such as Poseidon may enter Percy's thread if he's wanting to talk to his father and he's asked Poseidon via pm or in the chatbox to enter the thread.

•Posting Order - I cannot stress this enough. It gets confusing if you post out of order. Please keep it in order. That means if Percy starts a thread, Jason joins, then Grover posts after, the next post should be Percy. Followed by Jason then Grover like a round robin. The only time posting order is not obeyed is if something demands someone else post first, an action, a question, etc.

•Thread jacking - This is a major no no. Thread jacking is if say Chrion and Luke were in a thread. Then along came Drew, Piper, and Leo. If the three of them begin to post continually and don't give Chiron or Luke a chance to post back, that is thread jacking.

•GMing - Again a major no no. Please do NOT gm anyone's character. You would not like them dictating how your character would react/respond. So please return the favor and do not gm them unless you have permission. If so please place an ooc note stating you have permission. If permanent permissions is given to you, your signature space is a good place to state it.

•Courtesy - This is another thing that needs to be stressed. Please respect your fellow RPers. Please remember not everyone is an expert or as experienced as others. So do not send hurtful pm's. If you see someone that possibly need help with their rping, ask them nicely if they need help and offer it. Or point them to someone who can.

•Superman - Please do not make your character invincible. Not all demigods are remarkable marksmen or experts with a sword or any other type of weapon. Not EVERYONE is going to be insane where they feel no fear staring down death.
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