A greek mythology roleplaying game by post. There are many dieties/demigods/monster stories. Here you can play them out or create your own version of history.
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 Adrian Beaumont

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Adrian Beaumont

Adrian Beaumont

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PostSubject: Adrian Beaumont   Tue Jun 20, 2017 6:45 am

Name: Adrian Beaumont
Alias: Rian
Age: 16
Birth date: 21st June
Birthplace: Miami, Florida
Home: Small apartment that he rents out in New York

Play by: Austin Scoggin
Hair: Short Blond hair that he usually keeps unkempt
Eyes: Light brown in colour
Build: Adrian is a fairly well-built male with an athlete's build due to him being on the basketball team at school. He's fairly tall for his age, standing an impressive 6ft1 that makes him seem intimidating which he uses, mostly, to scare people into listening to him when they're being annoying.
Distinguishing Marks: Adrian has a fairly large tattoo on his back of a yin-yang symbol in the middle of it with an angel wing on the left side of his back and devils wing on his right side.
Dress Style: His prefered style of dress is mainly slacks and shirts though he can wear smart he won't do it unless there is a need for it.

Mother: Felicia Beaumont
Father: Apollo
Siblings: N/A
godly parent: Apollo

Fatal Flaw: Prideful. Adrian is a very prideful person and if his pride is injured he will become very infuriated and angry.
Ambrosia: Cherry pop

  • Archaeology
  • Archery
  • Computers
  • Calliagraphy


  • Skilled Archer
  • Vitakinesis; Adrian is pretty skilled in healing and he takes great pride in that.
  • Adrian has been known to easily be able to curse someone to make them speak in riddles though he only really does this when he is angry with someone.

Personality: A laid back person, Adrian is pretty hard to get angry but when he does you can tell purely because the person that angered him will be speaking in riddles. He's pretty prideful for a sixteen-year-old and anyone who dares to injure that pride will end up with speaking in riddles. Adrian is, more or less, someone who's friendly to people but at the same time keeps them at arm's length to not get hurt.

General History: Born to Felicia Beaumont and Apollo, Adrian is a perfect mix between the mortal woman and the Sun God, having Apollo's golden hair and Felicia's brown eyes. He has no siblings and his relationship with his mother isn't the best, in fact, it's horrible to the point that at the age of nine he had run away from home and had never stepped a foot anywhere near to where his mother is. Despite his ADHD, Adrian is a fairly smart individual who enjoys sitting down and just doing nothing more but study though it's hard due to the fact that his brain isn't wired to English and reading the books is a headache and a half.

Before he got to Camp-Half Blood, Adrian had been, more or less, on his own on the streets, scavenging around and becoming quite the thief as he tried to survive in a world that would rather see him dead. Monsters tried attacking him left and right but more often than not, Adrian found himself in safety, unsure of how and why. Until he was eleven he had not known that he was a demi-god and for two years of his life on the run, he had been questioning himself on why he was always seeing things that he had no idea about.

As is normal for a Demi-God, Adrian attends the camp during summers.

Your Journey: At the age of nine, Adrian had run away from his mother because he hadn't gotten along with her, at least that's what most people know. In truth the reason why he had run away was that not only did he not get along with his mother but also because of the monsters that kept attacking him all the time, endangering the people around him. He had no idea why and just surviving in the harsh world with all these monsters coming after him had made him more or less paranoid about everything and anything.

At age eleven, Adrian had been found by a group of Demi-God's on a quest and they saved him from a Manticore that had been eager to eat him before they had taken him with them to Camp Half-Blood where he had been introduced to Mr D and Chiron and they had informed him of what he was and just why monsters were out after him.

Adrian had gotten claimed by Apollo at the age of twelve after he had showcased both his ability in Archery as well as his ability in healing. It had happened when Adrian had gone on a quest with two of his fellow campers and they had gotten attacked by some monsters which ended with one of the older kids getting injured trying to protect Adrian and the girl. Adrian had been frightened for his life but pushed that back as he took a hold of his bow and started shooting arrows at the monster, injuring it grievously before the female member had killed said monster.

It was then that Adrian fell beside the one that had gotten injured and instinctively knew how to heal the other, the soft hymn in Ancient Greek leaving his lips and he had watched in front of his own eyes as the injuries healed, leaving him gobsmacked as the other two demi-gods's watched the hologram of a sun chariot appearing above him. From that moment on Adrian had been sequestered away in the Apollo cabin with all of his half-siblings.
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Adrian Beaumont
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