A greek mythology roleplaying game by post. There are many dieties/demigods/monster stories. Here you can play them out or create your own version of history.
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 Nico di Angelo

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Nico di Angelo

Nico di Angelo

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PostSubject: Nico di Angelo   Wed Jun 14, 2017 11:32 pm

Name: Nico di Angelo
Age:12 (turns it soon)
Birth date: 28/01
Birthplace: Venice, Italy
Home: Las Vegas, Nevada (Lotus Hotel and Casino) ; Bar Harbor, Maine (Westover Hall)

Play by: David Mazouz
Hair: brown and curly when long
Eyes: grey
Build: slim
Distinguishing Marks: pale
Dress Style: leather boots and jacket, jeans, t-shirt, prefers black and grey clothing.

Mother: Maria di Angelo
Father: Hades
Siblings: Bianco di Angelo
godly parent: Hades

Fatal Flaw: Holding grudges. It can lead to not wanting help or not asking to be saved in deadly situations because he doesn't like someone
Ambrosia: grape soda
Hobbies: Pirates (previously). Mythomagic card game and collecting the figurines (currently)
Shadow Travel - Nico can use shadows as a way of transportation; however, great distances tend to wear him out. The first time he shadow traveled, he passed out for a week. Overexertion of shadow travel can cause the user's molecular structure to begin to fall apart, gradually turning them into shadows and lose themselves.
Cryokinesis - When Nico is infuriated, he generates an aura of intense cold, making the temperature around him drop to freezing, with the ground around him and the massive cairn turning white with frost.
Sensitivity to Death - Nico can sense death as it happens or when it is coming; when a person close to him dies, it comes as a ringing in the ears. In addition to that, he has a deep knowledge of the Underworld and knows when a person's life is being judged in the Underworld. Nico can also sense when an immortal is fading.
More will come as he gets more practice.
Personality: Nico has extreme willpower and endurance. He is clueless and very inquisitive: he is curious and questioning. somewhat vengeful. very naive and gullible

General History: Born in in the mid to late 1930's before WWII and the big three's pact to never have anymore children. He lived with his mother and sister in Italy until he was about six years old when the family moved to America. It was while staying at a hotel in Washington, D.C. that Nico lost his mother when Zeus struck their hotel with his lightning in an attempt to kill both Nico and his older sister Bianca. The siblings were protected by Hades as he erected an impenetrable wall of black energy to shield them from Zeus's bolts; Hades however, was not able to protect their mother in time. Afterwards, a devastated Hades ordered one of his Furies named Alecto to take Nico and Bianca to the Underworld and bathe them in the River Lethe, in order to wipe their memories.

Shortly after the di Angelo children had their memories wiped, they were returned to Washington D.C. and told by a lawyer (Alecto in disguise) that their parents were dead, and had left a bank trust for them. This "lawyer" would come by once in a while to check on both of them. During this time, Nico and Bianca were enrolled in a boarding school. After some time had passed, Hades, hoping that one of his children might one day become the "child of the Eldest Gods" (referred to in the Great Prophecy), decided to place them in the Lotus Hotel and Casino, and tasked Alecto with the job. Once again disguised as a lawyer, Alecto had Nico and Bianca leave the boarding school, and took them all the way to the Lotus Hotel, in Las Vegas.

It was during his stay in the Lotus Hotel and Casino that Nico came across Konan a three headed cerberus puppy. The puppy recognizing Nico's scent as that of a child of Hades taught the boy how to shadow travel. They went on many trips outside the hotel which over the 70 years allowed the boy to age about year.

Your Journey: Alecto had moved them out of the Lotus Hotel and Casino and enrolled Nico and his sister Bianca in a boarding school in Maine. It's a military type school that requires uniforms. The rest of the journey will be forthcoming.  

Please fill in how you were claimed by your godly parent if you have chosen to be a claimed demigod
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Nico di Angelo
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