A greek mythology roleplaying game by post. There are many dieties/demigods/monster stories. Here you can play them out or create your own version of history.
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 Cassian Lyonelli

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Cassian Lyonelli

Cassian Lyonelli

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PostSubject: Cassian Lyonelli   Mon May 29, 2017 1:33 pm

Name: Cassian (Cash-un) Jerack Lyonelli
Alias: CJ, Cass (Cash)
Age: 12
Birth date: August 28th
Birthplace: Greensboro, North Carolina
Home: Greensboro, North Carolina

Play by: Skander Keynes
Hair: Dark brown appearing black
Eyes: Greenish - Brown
Build: scrawny
Distinguishing Marks: scar above his right eyebrow, a cigarette burn on the back of his left hand (from a dare),
Dress Style: t-shirts, sweatshirts, jeans, high tops, and his leather bomber jacket with the sheep wool lining.

Mother: Linda Wilson - Lyonelli (Step-mother)
Father: Haylen Lyonelli
Siblings: Jennifer Lyonelli
Guardian: Wade & Cheryl Morgan (godparents, sorta)
godly parent: Hecate

Fatal Flaw: Bottled Emotions
Ambrosia: butterscotch
Hobbies: Collects rocks. Some of them are ordinary that he found and kept as a memento, others he collected because they were pretty or a type of gemstone once you polished it up. Magic tricks.
Traits: Can manipulate the mist, illusions, sleight of hand.
Personality: Sensitive; Actor; Bottles his true emotions; Attitude; Mouthy; Rude; Loves to get lost; Adventurist

General History: Cassian always knew he was different since the time he realized that he could see clearly what others couldn't. They would mistake what he would consider odd or a monster of some sort as something entirely boring and normal. When he'd tell his father, the man didn't want to hear about it and would change the conversation. As far as the boy knew, his mother though alive, had left him and his father. His father got remarried to a woman who already had her own daughter and would show that she preferred her over Cassian. It seemed that his father would look the other way or didn't want to see what was going on. Not able to stand living there, Cassian ran away to his godparents house. They took him in and let him stay there as long as he wanted as long as he went back home for a few days every few weeks. When learning that his step-mother was pregnant, Cassian asked to officially move out of his house and move in with the Morgans. After a very long discussion it was agreed that it would be best for everyone for Cassian to live with the Morgans for awhile.

Your Journey: During a school camping trip to the national park, they were attacked by a monster bear. That was official story. What had really happened was that they were attacked by manticore. It turns out that one of the boys who usually got bullied mercilessly was actually a satyr who'd been sent to keep an eye on Cassian since he was a demigod. Billy had been trying to keep Cassian from realizing he was a demigod for the past year before that field trip blew it and he had to tell the boy everything. After coming home safe from the trip, Cassian called his father and asked if it was true, and he'd admitted that it was. He'd known who Cassian's real mother was but hadn't told him anything about her. Wade and Cheryl didn't ask any many questions but were happy to drive Cassian and Billy to Camp Halfblood to make sure they got there safely. The Morgan's just believed he was going to a summer camp lined up by his father.

During the school trip, Cassian had been cornered in a cleft with Billy and the Morgans' daughter. While the manticore was busy trying to find them, the boy had willed all his power to shape the mist and make the monster think a banker horse was them. It gave them enough time to get away where the adults were gathering the children and had rifles out to deal with the 'crazed bear'. Billy later told Cassian that Hecate's symbol had flashed over his head then as it did again the first night at the campfire at Camp. It was his ability to actively use the ability he'd gained form his godly parent and that he'd used it to help others that had her claim him.


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Cassian Lyonelli
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