A greek mythology roleplaying game by post. There are many dieties/demigods/monster stories. Here you can play them out or create your own version of history.
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 Creating a Character

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PostSubject: Creating a Character   Mon May 22, 2017 5:26 pm

We've all had a time or two when trying to come up with the perfect name for our characters right? We want something that is in essence them. Or it sounds cool and works together. Now, when we write out a character sometimes we want the name to mean something or give a hidden clue. It shows something about our character. Don't just throw a name together, but try for one that seems right. They mean more in fiction than in real life.

Antagonists are usually people in stories and generally in rp. What some people fail to realize especially in the rp world when it comes to fandoms like this or Harry Potter is that people aren't always the antagonist. Illness, fears, disasters, inner flaws, those can be your antagonists too. Whatever becomes something for your character to overcome is an antagonist.

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Creating a Character
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