A greek mythology roleplaying game by post. There are many dieties/demigods/monster stories. Here you can play them out or create your own version of history.
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 Ares - Olympian

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PostSubject: Ares - Olympian   Wed Jun 03, 2015 12:22 pm

Name: Ares
Title: god of War (the violent and physical untamed aspect)
Symbol: Bloody Spear
Sacred Animal: Dogs, Eagle Owls, and Vultures (scavengers of war)
Patron City: Sparta, Thrace
Where you live: Mount Olympus, Thrace, Sparta, Thebes
Weapon of Choice: Sword that can morph into whatever weapon he wants it to be // Manipulating people's aggression and anger

Play by: Kevin Smith
Hair: Black. At times long and slightly curly other times cut short, goatee
Eyes: Brown
Dress Style: Leather

Mother: Hera
Father: Zues
Enyalius by Enyo
Eurytion by Erytheia
Theban Drakon by Tisiphone
By Aphrodite:

  • Phobos (the god of fear)
  • Deimos (the god of terror)
  • Eros (the god of love)
  • Anteros (the god of requited love)
  • Harmonia (the goddess of harmony and concord)

Famous Children:

  • Tereus
  • Penthesilea
  • Edward Teach (Blackbeard)
  • The Amazons
  • Clarisse La Rue

Hobbies: Cuckholding Hephaestus, making his demigod half-brothers of Zeus lives difficult

Personality: Difficult, fierce, merciless, moody, unpopular and argumentative, fickle

Though he represents the physical aspect of war, Ares is far from some mindless thug. He is, in fact, a brilliant strategist, preferring to plan his battles carefully rather than going into a fight with his proverbial guns blazing. Whenever possible, he seems to like the methods of getting other people to do his work for him or finding ways to get his enemies to destroy themselves. The latter is something he repeatedly attempts with Heracles, knowing that he cannot kill his half-brother without suffering the wrath of Zeus.

Despite the often chaotic results of his worshipers' actions, Ares sees himself as a subtle strategist, as befits the god of war, rather than the god of brawling. He also exhibits curious mix of sportsmanship and cheating when convenient for him.

In his relations with the other Olympians, he relies on the fact that they need him, so he usually runs his own schemes with little regard for the wishes of his colleagues, although he is still careful not to defy Zeus.

Has a loving relationship with Aphrodite, and is good friends with Thanatos, since the god of war does not enjoy bloodshed without Death, and personally freed him after Sisyphus chained Thanatos up.

Ares is one of the few children of the Olympian gods Zeus and Hera. He developed a love of violence that surpassed that of any other Olympian, which made him perfect being the Olympian god of war. It also made him unpopular among his fellow deities who despised him for his overt love of war regardless of there not being a reason to fight at all. Despite this, he was given a place on the Olympian ruling council possibly due to his parentage. Both of whom dislike their son and some would say that they hated him.

The Aloadae giants attempted to storm the home of the gods by piling three Greek mountains one on top of the other. Ares tried to stop them but was defeated. Zeus never put much effort looking for Ares, so the young Ares had been abducted by the giant Aloadai twins, who had captured him and locked him in a bronze jar. Ares was held captive for some time, almost losing his mind in captivity. Fortunately, Ares was released when the stepmother of the twins realized what had happened and Hermes rescued him. After greatly suffering in the Bronze Jar at the hands of the giants, Ares began treating prisoners of war with respect, and would punish anyone who chose not to. Ares also has an intense fear of jars, as a result of his ordeal.

Rarely did Ares go out of his way to help his fellow Olympians. However, he once decided to rescue Hades who had been seized by King Sisyphus. Ares threatened to decapitate Sisyphus if he did not release Hades. Not only did he release Hades, but he also had to turn himself in as Hades’ prisoner.

Trojan War
He supported the Trojans (which is why Ares and Athena never get along and Hera wasn't pleased with her son). Only entered the Trojan War when persuaded by Apollo. Almost drawn into the conflict before that when in rage and grief Achilles killed his daughter Penthesilea but was stopped by Zeus. Was injured TWICE due to Athena's interference. He would lend strength to whatever side he favored, but was known to be somewhat fickle and change sides in the middle of a battle.

Ares gave his daughter Harmonia to Cadmus in marriage after the man served him eight years. Cadmus had slain one of his dragons so his punishment was to serve Ares.

After Halirrhothius (Poseidon's son) attempted to rape Ares' daughter Alcippe, she summoned her father for help. The infuriated god of war quickly arrived, and brutally slayed Halirrhothius. An outraged Poseidon demanded that Ares be put on trial for the murder of his son, to which Zeus agreed. Zeus, as the god of honor and justice, was the Chief Justice, while the other ten Olympians served as members of the jury. In the end, Zeus justly acquitted Ares, since the latter was defending his daughter's honor.

Ares' relationship with Heracles is fueled by jealously because Zeus, (their father), has always favored and liked him over Ares and his siblings. Thus Ares is motivated to constantly try to destroy his demi-god half brother. Noticing his half-brother gaining the love of their father Zeus, Ares has hated Heracles since he was a boy and has tried repeatedly to kill his younger brother. From teenhood to manhood, Heracles and Ares go at each other in a fashion similar to sibling rivalry, though Heracles gains the upper hand every time. It didn't help that Heracles killed his children.

Heracles and Iolaus encountered Cycnus and Ares on the way to Trachis. Heracles was directing to the court of King Ceyx, to whose daughter Themistonoe Cycnus was married. Athena appeared, telling Heracles that Zeus too had empowered him to defeat Cycnus, and instructed him not to touch his body or take his armor as spoils, but to hit Ares with a spear in an unprotected part of body if he should attack Heracles to avenge Cycnus's death. Heracles and Cycnus then clashed in single combat and Heracles hit Cycnus in the neck with a spear, killing him. Ares was just about to strike a hit at Heracles when Athena blocked his hit, saying that it was not ordained that he should kill the hero. Heracles took this opportunity to wound Ares in the thigh and beat him to the ground, which caused his sons Phobos and Deimos to rescue him and take him back to Mount Olympus. Cycnus was buried by his father-in-law Сeyx and people of the neighboring cities, but his tomb was destroyed during a flood by the will of Apollo.

During Heracles twelve labors of  repentance, he came across a few of Ares' children. Ares’ daughter Hippolyta, the Amazon queen, lost her girdle to Heracles; his son Eurytion lost his cattle; and Diomedes had his horses stolen by the Greek hero.

To Ares' outrage, Zeus had paired his other son, Hephaestus, up with the beautiful goddess Aphrodite to be married. Because of that Ares and Aphrodite began to have several love affairs. Ares and Aphrodite would frequently meet up and do whatever they pleased. Hephaestus discovered his wife's promiscuity through Helios, the all-seeing sun god. One day when they were laying together in bed, Hephaestus planted an unbreakable golden chain-link net so small to be invisible that they got tangled up in. Hephaestus called all of the Olympians to so that they could mock and shame them. In the end, however, Poseidon convinced Hephaestus that if he let them go, Ares would have to pay an adulterer's fine for his offense. The punishment for Ares' indiscretion was temporary banishment from Mount Olympus. It was temporary because if Ares ever looses his godly powers all mankind will loose the ability to control their anger and blood lust, not just that Aphrodite the Goddess of Love will also loose her godly powers because love must be balanced with War and vice versa.

Percy Jackson
During the Winter solstice, Luke Castellan stole the Master Bolt and the Helm of Darkness. Ares caught him, but Luke convinced him into carrying out Kronos' plan. Ares lets Luke go and kept the Helm and the Bolt until Percy came along to complete the delivery. On June 14, seven days before the Summer Solstice deadline, Ares approached Percy Jackson, Grover Underwood, and Annabeth Chase on his motorcycle as they were trying to get dinner. He "generously" paid for their meal (frightening many of the customers and staff in the process) and then got the companions to retrieve his shield (in the form of a bulletproof vest) from the Tunnel of Love ride in an abandoned Waterland. In return, he told them to jump in an animal smugglers truck to get to Los Angeles.

At this point, he also gave Percy a backpack with $20, a pouch of golden drachmas, fresh clothes for the three of them, and a box of Double-Stuffed Oreos. However, this backpack was actually the modified sheath for the master lightning bolt, enchanted by Ares to have the Master Bolt appear in it when Percy got close to Hades. After Percy, Grover, and Annabeth escaped from the Underworld by using the pearls given to Percy by the Nereid, Ares was waiting to kill them at the beach.

Ares revealed the reasoning behind his plan; Poseidon would declare war on Hades for killing Percy, Zeus would declare war on Hades for having the Master Bolt, and Hades would attack both of them, as he thinks one of them has his Helm of Darkness. He then remarks that a war between his relatives is the best kind of war.

He tried to kill Percy with a giant boar, but Percy sliced off one of its tusks with Riptide and engulfed it with a wave, killing it instantly. He then challenged Ares to a duel - if Ares won, he would turn Percy into anything he wanted, and get the Master Bolt; if Percy won, then he got both the bolt and the helm and Ares had to leave. Eventually, Percy won the duel when he stabbed Ares in the heel; Ares tried to attack Percy again in a fit of rage, but Kronos prevented him. Before Ares departed, he warned Percy that he made a terrible mistake by making the God of War his enemy. He then cursed Percy that his weapon would fail him when he needed it most, before leaving.

Voted in favor of destroying Percy at the Winter Solstice meeting of the Gods along with Athena and Dionysus actually going against Aphrodite's vote.

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PostSubject: Re: Ares - Olympian   Mon Oct 30, 2017 7:59 pm


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Ares - Olympian
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